Second Life Photo Tour

Second Life is a 3D online digital world that reflects the creativity of the world’s residents. Cruxy can get your digital creations into Second Life for avatars from around the world to discover and experience. Register for Cruxy today, or log into your account, and start making your media available to a whole new world.

Second Life has a vibrant music scene that we are big fans of. We’ve been working hard to bridge the various media promotion and distribution services we’ve built for RL (real life) musicians into the SL Grid and we’re ready to start sharing the results.

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"the bird and the bee" in Second Life

Cruxy Consulting partnered with EMI / Blue Note Records to launch the new release of the bird and the bee, a Los Angeles-based band. Cruxy created a listening lounge for holding events for fans. The lounge also acted a venue for promoting and distributing the band’s music within Second Life, through the Cruxy Player. As part of the project, Cruxy hosted a listening party, where fans were invited to listen, socialize, dance, and otherwise hang out.

Listening Party Photos

Promotional Trailer Video

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The Long Blondes in Second Life

The 3-D virtual world of Second Life just got a lot more stylish and rockin’. The international phenomenon has teamed up with Beggars Group and Rough Trade Records to create a virtual listening party for the critically acclaimed debut, Someone To Drive You Home, of Sheffield, England’s The Long Blondes.

But this isn’t your average listening party. Cruxy Consulting and Second Life have built a virtual drive-in for their members to listen to the album called the “Lost Highway” Lounge. The lounge features an interactive media player, a large movie theatre featuring The Long Blondes videos, virtual apparel giveaways, and links to purchase their music. There are even portable music players available for visitors to take with them once they leave the lounge.

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Teaser video for the Lost Highway Lounge:

The Long Blondes’ album, Someone To Drive You Home, was released in the UK last November and in the US on June 5th on Beggars Group via an exlusive agreement with Rough Trade. It’s since gained widespread critical acclaim. The band is currently in the middle of a successful US tour, including a sold out show at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom.

“Most so-called “cinematic” records earn that distinction due to some quirk of reverb or their use of space, but the Long Blondes only have modern England’s typically confined, 17-year-old-from-Doncaster guitar-dudish sound. Instead, it’s the songs themselves, their narratives and their characters that speak to the band’s widescreen ambitions.” Pitchfork 8.2

“Filled with more hits than Doherty’s arm, this record flashed with more deliciously faded glamour than a crumbling Cuban city … this is a record – and a band – which many people will fall in love with …” NME

“Sheffield quintet impress with a rough diamond of a debut’

Mojo 4 of 4 star review

“Someone to Drive You Home was that peculiar paradox: an instant slow-burner. I knew immediately that this was a record which would grow and grow … ” The Independent

“On their excellent full-length debut…the Blondes spolit the difference between those two Britpop biggies [Pulp and Arctic Monkeys], holding forth on fame, sex and movies over slashing disco-flecked guitar pop.” Time Out NY

“If my hunch is right …The Long Blondes are en route to becoming one of the most important British bands of our time” The Independent

“… An indie ace pop record” Time Out London

Virtual Beauty through MiniLuxe

Cruxy Consulting developed a virtual presence for MiniLuxe, an innovative new entrant into the salon business. The goal of the project was to recreate the experience of their real-world shop, providing users a way to preview the experience and service of MiniLuxe through their avatars.

MiniLuxe is the nail and beauty lounge that caters to you and what is going on in your life at the moment. We believe that “me time” is critical to a balanced life. You never need an excuse to take care of you. Whether you are looking to pamper your paws with one of our sublime mani/pedi services, browse our shelves filled with the “best of” beauty products, splurge on a little gift for yourself or your pal, MiniLuxe brings out the beauty in life and the beauty in you.

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Iterative Technology Approaches to a Media Distribution Strategy

As a small to medium-sized media company with a large catalog of digital media, finalizing a technology strategy to allow wide online distribution is a critically important task. It can also seem a daunting one. Vendors and potential partners are likely knocking on the door, each bringing a unique view of the technology problem and how their service or product can solve these needs. Consumer pressure also abounds, as each passing week sees new tools and portals for online media consumption. Certainly, Content Delivery Network (CDN) vendors, bandwidth providers, and full-services media-oriented solutions are in the mix. How should a small to mid-sized media distributor proceed?

A Sea of Solutions

The recent rise in the number of services available to the consumer, the semi-professional artist, and even to the media company directly has been significant. There are currently dozens of solutions that can meet various needs within the media distribution space. There are also any number of internally-deployed systems and infrastructures to handle the distribution tasks. We have observed a number of common pitfalls when medium-sized media outfits tackle this landscape, especially when the unit functions under a larger corporate ownership umbrella:

  • Corporate-wide, large-scale, all-or-nothing partnerships typically, especially in the highly competitive environment facing today’s media enterprises, leave no room for market testing and fail much more often than they are successful.
  • Group-by-group expirementation with consumer tools, while in most cases not harmful, usually is not quantifiable in terms of return. Creating a MySpace page, because it seems like the thing to do, and then collecting friends is not a standalone distribution strategy.
  • Internal technology efforts become mired in the internal workings of a large corporation, one which is not necessarily a technology corporation.

Flexible Experimentation is Key

The number of large-scale distribution programs that have launched, and subsequently failed, in recent years and months is often staggering. It is our belief that for the majority of small to medium-sized media companies, an effective strategy rests on the ability to experiment within campaigns. In a lesson taken from modern software engineering practices, an iterative strategy can often prove highly effective for a number of reasons:

  • By reducing internal cycle time and overhead, you can get in front of niche consumers with innovative new promotional vehicles quickly, and build a reputation by doing so.
  • By limiting the initial outreach to less-critical media properties, you can gain valuable insight on what works and what doesn’t, without risking the mission-critical properties.
  • By spending less time on organization-wide analysis and coordination, you can focus on deploying the solution quickly and spending that time to analyze and understand its impact, strengthening your overall strategy with each new piece of knowledge.
  • When it is appropriate to roll the strategy into a unified whole, potentially for use across all media properties, the insight and data obtained from the smaller-scale initiatives will be invaluable.

Given this, how can you adopt these types of flexible practices?


The challenge, then, becomes one of balancing the substantial capability made available by consumer-oriented services with the need to measure return and iteratively form the overall strategy through a series of learning exercises. To this end, we have found that often smaller technology firms with existing technology bases can offer a compelling solution during this phase of strategy development. Computing and data-serving platforms such as those available from Amazon (EC2 and S3) can greatly increase the robustness and speed of deployment for these solutions, allowing them to be offered as “for real” services for a fraction of the cost of large-scale CDN partnerships. The resources freed up by not involving a corporation-wide internal IT effort or large-scale partnership can then be put to use in gathering and understanding analytical data from these next-generation campaigns.

Over time, the value a media company can derive from a series of low-cost campaign deployments, in terms of strategic refinement, hands-on experience with the new technologies and user-interaction models, and avoiding costly and embarrassing mistakes, far outweighs that available from traditional closed-loop analysis.