Second Life Photo Tour

Second Life is a 3D online digital world that reflects the creativity of the world’s residents. Cruxy can get your digital creations into Second Life for avatars from around the world to discover and experience. Register for Cruxy today, or log into your account, and start making your media available to a whole new world. […]

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Sites that Help Video Producers Make Money


Scott Kirsner, editor of Cinematech has published a free excerpt from his book, The Future of Web Video.

“New revenue opportunities are emerging with the recent boom in video viewing on the Web. On this chart, I’ve tried to list all of the Web sites that enable independent video producers to make money from their work. I’ve ranked the sites subjectively, based on how much traffic and buzz they’ve been attracting, and also how likely it seems that a video producer would actually manage to earn a significant return by posting a video to them.”

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