Virtual Beauty through MiniLuxe

Cruxy Consulting developed a virtual presence for MiniLuxe, an innovative new entrant into the salon business. The goal of the project was to recreate the experience of their real-world shop, providing users a way to preview the experience and service of MiniLuxe through their avatars. MiniLuxe is the nail and beauty lounge that caters to […]

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Message to the labels: Forget Horizontal and Vertical… Think “Adjacent”

Over the past few weeks conversations with a variety of musicians, managers, technologists and label executives have revealed a common theme. Emerging digital music distribution models require record labels to seek out new ways to capture value from the artists they sign, develop and market. The value that labels capture through publishing and licensing is […]

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Social Commerce at Ad:Tech 2006

The “Social Commerce” panel I spoke on Tuesday at Ad:Tech has been receiving praise as one of the best of the conference. I think it is deserved, though not due to any self-importance or coolness of the companies represented. The panel was great because everyone came ready to share their thoughts, learned lessons, and advice […]

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