Inauguration Report (IR09) for Android

I just published this app today as part of the effort… read on for more info:

Inauguration Report is the official Android app for the 2009 Inauguration Report collaborative journalism project. Produced by, CBS News and American University, Inauguration Report is a news initiative to gather stories from the public surrounding the January 20 presidential inauguration of Barack Obama.

Inauguration Report lets you send your own reports about the inauguration and
share it with the public online. and CBS News will also incorporate public contributions in its coverage of the inauguration, so you may be contacted by them if they decide to use your submission. You can submit reports in the form of text, photos or audio.

Results of the project will be posted online at, and It will be added to a collection of submissions from other iPhone users, as well as people on Twitter, Flickr and other online communities.

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