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  • On the phone it’s better to focus on one task. From what I’ve seen, the best iPhone applications do one thing and do it well. Supporting URL schemes in your application makes that single task more attractive to other developers and users. It leads to what my friend Daniel Jalkut has aptly called the “Un-Coda-fication” of iPhone apps.
  • If you have worked with Google Android prior to the 1.0 release, you probably have noticed that Google has upgraded the Apache HttpClient module in Android 1.0 from 3.x to a recent alpha release of version 4, which is a complete rewrite and brings with it a host of API changes.
  • BucketUpload is an application for Android Google phone. It allows uploading files to an Amazon S3 bucket, any web server or any FTP server . Files could be images, audios, videos or any documents available on your Android device. BucketUpload provides a file browser able to list folders from local file system, sd card and shared content providers.
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