My Very Own NYCResistor Lasercut Laptop Stand

The more I’ve been working out and about on a laptop, the more I’ve realized I need to have one of those snazzy laptop stands that helps you work hard all day without getting a crick in your neck. My requirements were simple – had to fit in my bag, while being sturdy and rugged enough to hold my 15″ macbook pro.

Fortunately, Eric Skiff of NYC Resistor, the Brooklyn-based hacker lab, has designed his very own model that fit the bill and is selling it on Etsy.

I ordered one right away, and since I know Eric, was invited over to NYC Resistor to customize my very own etched design on the sides of the stand, and watch the Epilog Laser Engraver cut it out of a sheet of clear acrylic right before my eyes.

Check out the flickr photo set to see what I came up with, and then go order your very own on Etsy


  1. I want to experiment with rastering the QRCodes into colored acrylic… perhaps making some super secret keycards for my holiday birthday bash.

    Otherwise, in my apartment hangs a mobile i made of ocean fish. I cut each piece by hand using a fretsaw… maybe i can try a laser version using the same design.


  2. Nathan F turned me on to your laptop stands during the Olympics. It looks like they are sold out. Will you be making more. Ouch my neck hurts and I need a stand.



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