Interview My Family: Episode 1 "Becky" (for VloMo08)

VloMo08 = Videoblogging Month 2008: “Post one video every day in November. That’s all you have to do…”

I am going to try to attempt this, with the help of my family, which some of you might know is quite large. My plan is, using this fun new screencasting tool I’ve been trying out, I’ll interview them via Skype… mostly just dialing them up when I see pop-up online, to catch them at a variety of unexpected moments, in the midst of their daily lives… real, raw, but most often just mundane.

Here’s the first episode with my sister Becky, who was the unwitting, but fortunately willing initial subject.

This is all captured and encoded in HD, so feel free to hit the fullscreen button on the lower right hand side of the player for the big picture!