ITP2800 – Week 1 – Slides, Whiteboards, Audio

Here are the captured whiteboard brainstorms, audio (first hour only due to technical glitches) and my slides for the week 1 class of ITP2800. All of this content is hosted and available on, with class bookmarks and homework reading assignments posted at Week 1 homework assignments are listed at the end of this […]

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Six Reasons I Develop for Android

I wrote these up quickly for a friend who needed some bullet points for a proposal, and so I thought I’d just share them here, as well. Please comment with your own experiences with Android #WINs and #FAILs. Development SDK is free, open-source and officially supported for Windows, Linux and Mac OS (iPhone is Mac […]

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gReporter for Android code is up….

Still some work to do, cleanup and some better javadocs, but if you are looking for Android code to help you record audio, take photos, get GPS location, upload via HTTP and more, then this is the project for you. Git Code Repository (source access and zip/gzip download): Slide overview download: Here’s the […]

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