Predicty: Mobile Magic App built with HTML5

Here’s another fun mobile app I helped implement recently using all the latest greatest visual tricks offered by HTML5, CSS, Javascript and Webkit (aka Mobile Safari).

Ryan Oakes, a talented professional magician and proprietor of Solid Oak Productions, spied me sitting in a coffee shop one day working on some code, and asked me if I knew how to build iPhone apps and if I liked magic. Always up for a new and interesting challenge, I said yes, and now, “ta-da!”, anyone can learn and perform a great trick using their iPhone…

Here’s a little more about Predicty:

Finally, a professional-looking magic trick specifically designed for the mobile phone! Designed by a professional magician to make YOU look like the star… not the phone. It doesn’t look like the phone does all the work, but it does! So easy to do, yet people will be totally amazed.

Perform it for friends! Perform it for your family! Perform it in a bar to break the ice with strangers!

Two versions included in app: “Think-a-Drink” and the family-friendly “Predict-a-Pet”

Download it now on the App Store!