TiVo helps Cruxy get into your living room

Great news. TiVo, the set-top DVR time-shifted media innovator, announced at CES yesterday that any video podcast will be able to be viewed on their boxes. This means that the DRM-free video you purchase from Cruxy or convert with Mux will be able to be fed directly to and watched on your TiVo box in your living room.


Here’s a bit more on this announcement:

Yesterday, at CES, they announced that all their subscribers will soon be able to select Internet video podcasts for playback on their set-top boxes….The new offering will be available under the “Season Pass” feature, and will apply the function to video content available through any RSS feed.

This is great news for independent creators and distributors, and is well timed with the ongoing WGA strike. The less steps it takes to get a video from Cruxy playing on the nice big screen in your living room, the better!

Read the full post on Mashable.

iLike and Cruxy – a great match for musicians

We’ve never claimed to be the “be all and end all” here at Cruxy. We’ve always been focused on enabling commerce throughout the various places online an artist might promote themselves and connect with their fans. Today we’ll share a relatively new service that we think provides a fantastic opportunity for musicians.

iLike.com the wildly popular Facebook application (11 million users!) has added a new “For Artists” capability, that allows you to get promote your music and events through their system. I use iLike often on Facebook to quickly look up songs, send e-dedications, and to express what music I like on my profile. We have to admit, it works really well and is very fun to use. It’s really a great front-end discovery tool for fans, and now they’ve plugged in some great services for musicians as well.

Now to good news for you Cruxy musicians out there – you can link to your digital download store on Cruxy via iLike! They’ve enabled a MySpace bulletin type feature that you can send out links to downloads for sale on Cruxy.

Communicate with your fans using iCast. iCast is a combination of blogging, bulletins, and multimedia posts, all in one. In addition to text, you can post audio, photos, or video messages for all your fans to see. You can post your latest video or pictures from last night’s show. :) These posts show up automatically on your artist page on iLike.com and iLike on Facebook. Posting an iCast message is easy. Just log in to your iLike Artist Dashboard and click on the iCast tab to make a post.

You can also use iTunes to announce shows and even sell tickets ahead of time for certain venues. Learn more about iLike For Artists today.