ITP2800 – Week 4 – Mobile Commons, TXTPower and Campaign Strategy

Week 4 – September 29 Mobile Campaigns from Text to Video: Texting, Ringtones and Camera Phones Homework: 1) Create diagrams for your cause proposal based on the pyramid and pillar diagrams below. 2) Read the following: Gene Sharp, There Are Realistic Alternatives (PDF), The Albert Einstein Institution, 2003 CANVAS Core Curriculum: A Guide to Effective […]

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ITP2800 – Week 2 – Slides, Whiteboards, Videos and Homework

Here are is the homework, slides, notes, links and videos from the second week of ITP2800 – Social Activism using Mobile Technology. Homework for Week 2 Watch the videos linked to here: Continue reading/finish “Little Brother” Take pictures or video using a camera phone or Flip-style device of something controversial or in a […]

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ITP2800 – Week 1 – Slides, Whiteboards, Audio

Here are the captured whiteboard brainstorms, audio (first hour only due to technical glitches) and my slides for the week 1 class of ITP2800. All of this content is hosted and available on, with class bookmarks and homework reading assignments posted at Week 1 homework assignments are listed at the end of this […]

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