Artist Spotlight: Roland Reinke

My natural instinct in music is towards the dark, cinematic, vast soundscapes often created by artists such as Bjork, Funkstorung, and Future Sound of London. I’m also a big fan of Herbert, who creates amazing collages of sounds that he rips up, smashes, and then puts back together. It is the work of these artists who I was reminded of when I listened to the music of Roland Reinke.

A little about the artist from his profile:

Roland Reinke is a guitarist, bassist and producer. He studied with Vernon Reid, Tronzo, David Fiuczynski and David Gilmore.

Roland does a great job weaving melodies and tonal sounds in and out of the crunk, beats, blips and other industrial sound. You might call this Intelligent Dance Music (IDM), but I am not a big fan of genre labels, and think the dancing to this would be more like waltzing than breaking.

Have a listen below, then check out his page and links for more:

Roland Reinke
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Artist Spotlight: Wreck and Salvage

After a long hiatus, I’m glad to return with this week’s artist spotlight, featuring the partially Brooklyn-based Wreck and Salvage. I can honestly say that W&S makes me laugh and scratch my head nearly simultaneously. Too bad I am not more coordinated. Here’s a little more about ‘em:

Wreck & Salvage LLC is a collective of three like-minded artists producing original video content for the internet. We share a love of rust and rotting wood, postcard landscapes and decaying industry.

W&S is definitely original, and a great progression/evolution/continuation from the talented folks who also created Bullemhead and We are very glad to have you here on Cruxy.

Works by wreckandsalvage
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