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Nathan Freitas has been writing code since he was seven and hasn’t stopped looking for difficult problems to solve with software ever since. A lifelong mobile technology enthusiast, his career has included work on academic research projects, popular consumer gadgets, award-winning digital art pieces and groundbreaking technology for activism.

7 year old kid (me) talking about Apple IIs back in ’82 from natdefreitas on Vimeo.


  1. Also really enjoyed Twitter Vote Report. I’m quite interesting in hearing what you have to say about live video streaming from remote locations tonight at the Web 2.0 Activism panel.

  2. I am very glad to know you here.
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  3. Hi. I live in elk grove. small world. One question though. i downloaded the widget to iphone app for xcode but did not see a glass file but i opened the phonegap file. I still couldn’t find the url.txt file. Any ideas? thanks.

  4. This is superb. I wish I was that smart at seven, $*%!…wish I was that smart now. Outstandingness N8.

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