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  • Eleven Dreams for Red Hook is a cinematic experience for real life, eleven soundtracks for real places, part of the wonderful Conflux Festival.

    You download eleven soundtracks, a map, and photographs, then follow along, listening to an mp3 player. As you explore the neighborhood, suspended between cinematic fantasy and hyper-awareness, I hope that you will find your own mysterious, surprising and funny revelations.

    Maps will be available at Conflux HQ, as well as in the download. We will meet at the corner of Beard & Otsego Streets (across from IKEA) at 5pm to spread out to do the walks. If you do not have your own mp3 player, please let me know and I will provide one for you. The dreams may be listened to in any order — the idea is for you to explore the neighborhood both sonically and visually.

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