links for 2009-09-17

  • 3>> I found the iPhone app, Bump as a good representation of Social Activism. Bump is a swapping data (contact info, photo, etc,.) app which is simple and easy to use. It requires a physical space (or distance) to bump each other’s hands together, while holing their iPhones, also a physical action, bump. I think gently bumping hands is a familiar and positive social gesture like doing cheers on the dining table. Here is the public reviews of it.
  • I made some research about mobile apps for social activism, and found some good sites about apps and social activism using mobile. Here they are
  • The social activism space isn’t well populated for the Windows Mobile platform—there are IPhone applications for sure, and probably some good Android applications, but the best I could find for WinMo is Tag Reader. While not specifically designed for activism, it could be a really powerful technology, reducing the critical time between being made aware of a media element, and when someone can visit the website for more information.
  • For our Social Activism and Mobile Technology course we were assigned to review of an activism app. I thought about it a while, looked around the app store, but in the end decided that the most apt app was already present on my phone, the Obama ‘08 App. Nearly a year after the election and it still has not been deleted by me.
  • Created textmark “Represent” to reply back with list of state elected officials when someone texts 41411 represent & zip code.
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