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  • This site provides information about Extended Environments Markup Language (EEML), a protocol for sharing sensor data between remote responsive environments, both physical and virtual. It can be used to facilitate direct connections between any two environments; it can also be used to facilitate many-to-many connections as implemented by the web service Pachube, which enables people to tag and share real time sensor data from objects, devices and spaces around the world.
  • Static map is one big image. Markers are embedded inside the image. You can not use traditional <a href=”#”> tags around separate markers. Binding onclick event to separate marker images wont work either. There are no separate markers. Just one large image.

    With imagemaps you can specify arbitary areas inside an image which links to given url.

  • JSONP is an unofficial protocol that allows making cross domain calls by generating script tags in the current document and expecting a result back to calls a specified callback handler.
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  1. Hi Nathan,

    Is there actually anybody working at Cruxy? I get no response. I purchased a video and had trouble downloading it. I have not received a receipt, nor have I received any replys from my help requests. I even registered as a user and didn’t receive a validation email. What is up?!!! The phone number registered to Cruxy on whois is disconnected. Are you still associated with Cruxy? Think you can get someone to respond? Appreciate it.

  2. Craig: will look into. Cruxy is on barebones support right now. We are trying to keep it up, but times are getting tough. Thanks for your patience.

  3. Hi Nathan,

    Thanks for your response. I spoke to the creator of the video and worked something out with them. So no need for you to spend your time on this. It was frustrating, but I can truly understand the tough times. Best of luck to you!

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