Week 5 (2011.10.05)

Notes on mapping and introduction to midterm planning below.

If you are very interested in Geo/Mapping, etc, and want to share something in class for next week, then please do.

Otherwise please finish up any readings you have not done (Doctorow book, Cameras Everywhere Report, Gene Sharp, CANVAS).

We will dive into mobile app building, design process next week.

Mapping, Geodata, and the importance of “Where?”

Google Stuff


Cloud/Crowd Mapping Tools:

 Homework (optional, if you are excited about mapping!)

  • Think about event, happening, idea, data you want to map
  • Figure out how to visualize it and make it interesting
  • Is it a map, an organizing tool, a personal utility, a game… what?

Midterm Project Planning (time to begin!)

This is just to get you going, but we will talk more in class next week.

Cause Design (50%)

  • What is the issue you are addressing, and what are the Pillars that Support it? (please draw)
  • Choose a single pillar, and breakdown the layers that make it up, from central control, to broad membership (concentric circles)
  • What are you user stories? Simple statements that help test your design against real need

Technical Design (50%)

  • Three modes of interaction: SMS/messaging, Voice and App/Touch Screen
  • Methods of delivery: Native App or Mobile Web
  • Categories of function: Mobile Media (Video, Audio), Capture/Create vs Consume/Publish, Geolocative/Related to Where/Place
  • Connectivity: What is the network? How do you users/app connect, how often, offline vs online


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