(Informal/open) Mobile Security Clinic today @ Berkman 4:30-5:30pm

I am informally launching my weekly hands-on mobile security clinic today at Berkman, around 4:30pm, in the Fellows conference room at 23 Everett.

While some might say a mobile phone is only secure once its been microwaved, smashed by a hammer, and buried in concrete, the truth is, most of us can’t escape the shiny, buzzing tracking device in our pocket.

What I can offer are some, free, practical solutions, that can go along way in reducing the likelihood that what you do on your mobile will get hoovered up into an never expiring log somewhere, or plastered across 4chan. Whether you want to encrypt your calls, messages or photos, ensure sensitive personal or project information is not leaking to any app that asks for it, or deal with more advanced concerns related to surveillance or proprietary app ecosystems, I am happy to go there, and find a solution, if it exists.

If you want a small idea of some of the solutions I can offer, visit this link: https://guardianproject.info/howto/

In return, I get to hear your stories and challenges, as well as aspirations for what a brighter, more secure mobile computing future might be. Like I said, this is a weekly effort, and these types of interactions are a key part of my work as a Fellow here this year.

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