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  • In this tutorial, you will learn how to install additional fonts on your Android device in order to support other languages besides English. By following this guide, you will eliminate the small white boxes that appear on web pages, contacts, text messages, etc. when dealing with a language that uses characters or script other than the Roman alphabet.
  • This HOWTO talks about how to change the default fonts in Android mobile. The system fonts are available in /system/fonts directory. DroidSans.ttf is the main font used in most of the applications. Overwriting the fonts in this directory with your fonts will change the fonts in the Android mobile.
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  • Any hacker needs full access to the system files to play with the system. Andoid /system partition is read-only by default. Here is an HOWTO to mount it in read-write mode. It is assumed that you have installed android SDK in your workstation. We use adb tool in tools directory of SDK.
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