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  • The conflict in Kashmir has been reported over the years through traditional media channels like newspapers, radio and television, but over the two years there has been an explosion of citizen journalism.

    Young men armed with their mobile phones are capturing every disturbance in the disputed state of Kashmir in an effort to combat what they see as restrictive policing.

  • OS Map is a tool to turn your Android phone into a handy Ordnance Survey map, with your GPS position pinpointed on it! For support and frequently asked questions, please scroll down. OS Map is completely free, and available to download via the Android Market.
  • It's been over 11 months since the Android first hit the scene with HTC's T-Mobile G1, and in that time we've come to the conclusion that, despite having more or less a clean slate on industrial design choices and specs, little progress has been made in the way of variation. Stacked up side-to-side, Motorola CLIQ manages to stand out with a slide-out keyboard and MOTOBLUR skin, but under the hood, it's pretty much as uniform as a netbook. Peruse for yourself in the chart above.
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