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  • READING: An SMS hub is a stand-alone system which allows you to send and receive large numbers of text messages via the mobile phone network, without needing to be connected to the internet or to any other computer network.
  • In order to write effective copy for your text message campaign, keep two goals in mind that all social marketing messaging should achieve to be successful:

    * It should generate more new supporters or constituents in new areas or
    * It should generate more activities (actions, donations, etc) from existing supporters

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  • This groundbreaking new work builds on 50 years of Gene Sharp’s definitive academic research and practical experience aiding nonviolent struggles around the world. Recently, advocates have applied these methods and strategies with great success in Serbia and Ukraine. In his most recent work, Dr. Sharp shows how to strategically plan nonviolent struggle and make it more effective.
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  • ITP 2800 class reading – week 1 – A great piece of post-cyberpunk (but firmly rooted in the now) fiction that presciently connects the dots to demonstrate the impact that mobile, social and even gaming technology can have within an authoritarian surveillance state. In this case, that state just happens to be California in their own "post-9/11 event" world.
  • Greenpeace International (GPI) uses three vessels: The Rainbow Warrior, The Arctic Sunrise, and The Esperanza. GPI operates these ships, and employs the ships' crew. GPI is always looking for experienced sea going crew members, that hold the appropriate, current STCW95 licenses.
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