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  • Mobile devices (phones) have become devices for both the production and consumption of rich media–augmenting their original purpose as one-to-one communication devices. In this course we will explore the technology that enables the consumption and production of media on these devices with an eye towards how that media can be used in conjunction with the devices' original social and communicative purposes. In short, this course will examine social and participatory aspects of mobile media consumption and generation. Students will create projects that utilize the available technology to explore new forms of social media creation and consumption.
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  • A how-to the hottest code management system on the web.
  • Facebook offers some API functionality which requires specific opt in from the user. These methods are specific to certain use cases and require a greater level of trust from the user. They therefore employ a secondary opt-in flow, and the user may only opt in to one such permission on a single page view.
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  • If you’re a freelancer incorporated as an LLC, there are certain business deductions you should include on your 2008 tax filing. As an LLC, you enjoy the benefits of owning a business, but you do not incur a double tax. Below is a list of forms and specific line items you should be cognizant of as a business owner.
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