links for 2009-03-04

  • Karaka is a Skype/XMPP gateway that connects the Skype and XMPP clouds. It is a scalable distributed standards-compliant XMPP transport able to be hosted across a cluster of machines which bridges instant messaging and presence between a user’s Skype and XMPP (e.g., Jabber, GoogleTalk) accounts. It supports full presence and instant messaging exchange plus multi-user chat (“conference rooms”).


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  • The development of a USB driver brings Android operating system to the E Ink development kit. Now a new world of creative developers can extend the functionality of and write applications for this low-power screen technology.
  • So it was a great thrill when SDK 2.2 debuted, bring AVAudioPlayer as part of the new AVFoundation class. It provides the same Celestial calls we've seen back since day one, but it does so officially. You can load audio, play it, pause it, adjust its volume and so forth. You can even enable metering and check peak power.
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  • The other day, I posted up some code for playing back a movie on the iPhone and iPod touch using the MoviePlayerUI class. In that post, I mentioned that I couldn’t get Celestial and UIKit to play nice with each other, and that was the reason that I ended up using the MoviePlayerUI framework instead. Well, I did some more sleuthing tonight, and I was successfully able to get Celestial and UIKit to be friends again.
  • Home Camp is an unconference about using technology to monitor and automate the home for greener resource use and to save costs. This is about low energy devices and servers, reducing your electricity bills, monitoring your mouse traps, home automation, monitoring your water usage, using solar power. This is a hack day.

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