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  • This version contains… *drumroll* multi-touch support! Thanks to lukehutch, zinx and ryebrye, this build allows android applications to receive multi-touch events. The built-in browser now supports multi-touch zooming! It also includes an "Auto-Rotate" setting that you can enable, to allow it to change screen orientation, based on the orientation of the phone. You can turn on auto-rotate in the browser settings (it's off by default).
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  • The Prize

    * Present the winning app at the New York Tech Meetup in front of many of your peers
    * You will get posted about on
    * If its really good you will get to pitch it to our VCs
    * A big wad of cash
    * A Peek + 1 year service

  • The PRAGMA statement is a special SQL statement used to modify the operation of the SQLite library or to query the library for internal (non-table) data. The PRAGMA statement is issued using the same interface as other SQLite commands (e.g. SELECT, INSERT) but is different in the following important respects:
  • Based on the experience I gained while developing my Zaurus media player, here is a short compendium of optimization rules, tweaks and hints when using SQLite on an embedded system (may apply to other systems as well)
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