links for 2008-12-05

  • Bad Behavior is a unique way of blocking link spam and the robots which deliver it to your blog, forum, wiki or CMS. It operates in a completely different manner from other spam prevention services and is meant to operate alongside and in conjunction with other spam prevention software.
  • Our primary open source development focus is the Social Media Toolkit (SMT). The SMT is an open source platform designed to help organizations run community-driven, topic-based and geo-centric news websites, similar to, albeit simpler and more streamlined. Currently, we have an alpha of the core SMT engine and PHP client. However, we plan to release a Facebook client in H1 '2009.

    The Social Media Toolkit powers a news site or news pages on an existing platform by synchronizing community content with any topic cloud in NewsCloud. You can view NewsCloud's directory of clouds or create your own.

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