links for 2008-11-07

  • Attention AWS developers! The rBuilder Appliance Creator and rBuilder Catalog for EC2 are now available to automate the assembly of software components, the creation of AMIs and the deployment of images to EC2. You will have the ability to securely integrate your AWS account credentials, allowing you to launch, manage, and retire application images for EC2 directly from within the product. Dynamic search and catalog capabilities provide a basis for future management activities directed at large scale catalogs of machine images. The beta product is free of charge to AWS developers.
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  • Design/ers for Obama was created when Design Observer essentially asked the question, “how can graphic designers best support Barack Obama?” Our answer ended up extending the question to cover visual communicators at all levels. In addition to supporting Obama for America we jumped at the opportunity to bring the spirit of grassroots style organizing and collaboration to poster design which, to us, meant not only forming communal bonds but sharing the fruits of our efforts equally and in such a way that anyone can enjoy and benefit from (because most of us do not own our own printing presses).
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