links for 2008-11-04

  • OSCache is a caching solution that includes a JSP tag library and set of classes to perform fine grained dynamic caching of JSP content, servlet responses or arbitrary objects. It provides both in memory and persistent on disk caches, and can allow your site to have graceful error tolerance (eg if an error occurs like your db goes down, you can serve the cached content so people can still surf the site almost without knowing). Take a look at the great features of OSCache.
  • Whirlycache is a fast, configurable in-memory object cache for Java. It can be used, for example, to speed up a website or an application by caching objects that would otherwise have to be created by querying a database or by another expensive procedure. From the testing that we have done, it appears to be faster than any other Java cache that we have been able to inspect.
  • Find your voting info
    When to vote, where, and what to bring
    (tags: phone mobile vote)
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