Open your Apple TV to more content…

Mux, the video conversion service we released last month, can provide owners of the new Apple TV a way to access video not supported by the device natively. This includes Flash video (YouTube, DailyMotion), Windows Media, AVI, and more.

Each Mux user is provided a personalized RSS 2.0 with enclosures “podcast” feed of all the videos they transcode using the service. This feed can be added into iTunes through a single click on the “iTunes podcast” link, available after you submit a video to mux using the form on the site or through the browser button.


All videos transcoded using Mux for the specified email address will appear in this feed and be automatically downloaded. You may need to “refresh” your podcast feeds in iTunes first to make the new video appear. Also, make sure to select MPEG-4, MOV, or M4V as your output format to produce mux’d videos which are compatible with iTunes, iPods, and Apple TV.


Once a video is downloaded, it can be played in iTunes, synced to an iPod, or watched on a television set through Apple TV. Read this detailed support article for instructions on configuring a podcast to be viewed on an Apple TV.


If anyone out there has any modifications or clarifications to this process, please let us know by leaving a comment on this blog.

We’ll also be discussing the Apple TV and other home media devices here more in the coming weeks, and how they can be used to watch DRM-free media purchased online from Cruxy in your living room.

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